Results in Rehabilitation

Aquatic Therapy

Physical therapy presents a unique opportunity for patients to build strength and continue their independence as much as possible. However, land-based physical therapy techniques can be difficult for some patients due to physical limitations or recent health issues. For those who would like an easier start to physical therapy, Galloway Therapy has a great solution: Aquatic Therapy.


John Galloway, PT, has dedicated much of his career to providing aquatic therapy for patients. John has discovered that aquatic therapy can be just as beneficial for patients as land-based physical therapy, and is often a strong starting point for those patients that have significant physical difficulties.


Specialized Pool


At Galloway Therapy, we’ve installed an Endless Pool® to offer the best aquatic therapy experience for our patients. Although any pool can provide resistance via movement through the water, our pool has features that add a whole new dimension to typical pool exercises and therapy to provide the best aquatic therapy for our patients.


  • Heated: Our heated pool allows for a soothing entry into the water for any patient. The warm water helps relax sore joints and spasming muscles.
  • Therapy Jets: The jets are set around the pool so that any muscle group can be targeted.
  • Current Generator: As a patient continues through an aquatic therapy regimen, the addition of a current generator takes the treatment to the next level.
  • Variable Speed Underwater Treadmill: The treadmill is ideal for targeting the core and isolating lower extremity rehab issues.
  • Patient Lift: The patient lift makes it easy and safe for any patient to get in and out of the pool, even those who experience limited mobility.

The Patients


Aquatic therapy is ideal for many patients and conditions.


  • Geriatric Needs: As the number of adults 65 and older continues to grow, there is an increased need for therapy that can adjust for the limitations of geriatric patients.
  • Post-Surgical Rehab: Post-surgical rehab patients are ideal candidates for aquatic therapy. The most common surgeries that lend themselves to aquatic therapy are the back, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and foot.
  • Weight Issues: Due to reduced chance of injury, aquatic therapy is a great way for an over-weight patient to start an exercise program.
  • Sports or Work Related Injuries: Aquatic therapy can target a specific area suffering from a sports or work related injury. Both acute injuries (such as a sprained ankle or strained lower back) and chronic injuries (such as hypermobile joints or tendonitis) are seen often.
  • Sports Training: Many athletes train in a pool to build strength while reducing the chance of injury. It’s also a favorite activity during the off-seasons when the climate or weather is not conducive to a normal training regimen.

The Benefits


There are many tangible and intangible benefits that come as a result of aquatic therapy.

  • The resistance of the water helps patients improve strength, balance, mobility, or coordination. These benefits are enhanced with the aid of the current generator and underwater treadmill.
  • The buoyancy of the water reduces falls, places less stress on the joints, and therefore reduces the chance of injury.
  • The warm water, with or without the jets, helps relax tight, fatigued and strained muscles.
  • Activities of daily living (ADLs) are improved as patients gain the benefits above. Slipping into a shirt, tying your shoes, making the bed, and feeding the dog are some ADLs that can be restored with aquatic therapy.
  • The psychological benefit of greater confidence is achieved as the patient often sees quicker results in the water than what he or she was seeing on land.


Galloway Therapy is ready to help you reach your goals with aquatic therapy. For more information about how aquatic therapy can benefit you, call Galloway Therapy today at 501-319-7659.