Aquatic Therapy-Getting Results

What is the significance of water and how does it seem to have a healing effect through aquatic therapy? Water has long been a therapeutic tool and resource for healing, relaxation, and rehabilitation since the beginning of recorded history. The unique properties of water (buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, relative density, resistance, turbulence) serve to promote physical and mental wellness. Many times, individuals who are unable to perform exercises under normal circumstances are able to perform those same exercises in water.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Science suggests that aquatic therapy reduces pain and joint effusion. An individual’s range of motion, flexibility, mood, balance, coordination, metabolism, sense of well-being also tend to improve with proper aquatic therapy. In addition, hydrostatic pressure increases blood circulation, which in turn improves kidney function, metabolism, and reduces edema (swelling). The buoyancy of water helps support weak muscles and decreases joint stress.
Galloway Therapy offers aquatic therapy treatment plans to help facilitate healing of the injured tissue in your body. Whether you are an athlete or a homemaker; ninety years old or 20 years old; male or female, aquatic therapy could be the right tool for you.

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