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  • Don’t Let Rip Currents Rip You Away!

    National Rip Current Awareness Week First of all, what is a rip current and why is it important to talk about it? A rip current is an undertow or a powerful current that is channeled away from beach. On average, they cause 46 deaths per year in the US. That is a crazy statistic. So ... Read More

  • YOU can prevent STROKES!

    In this month’s newsletter, we learned how to act F.A.S.T. in the case of a stroke. And although it is important to act F.A.S.T., did you know that 80% of strokes are preventable? You can take the following steps to improve your health and help prevent a stroke: 1) Get your blood pressure checked. (High ... Read More

  • DON’T Break a Leg … It’s Osteoporosis Month!

    What do you think of when you hear about Osteoporosis? Do you think of broken bones and elderly, Caucasian women? Well, you’d be only partly correct! This condition in which one’s bones lose their density and become weak or brittle, can happen to a person of any race and any age. In fact, 54 million ... Read More

  • “I Can’t Exercise, I Have Arthritis!”

    Arthritis is painful. It limits your range of motion. It hurts to move! So most people come to the understandable conclusion that, “I can’t exercise, I have arthritis.” However, a lack of movement or exercise will actually increase your pain and stiffness. In contrast, exercise is important to increase your muscle strength, which is necessary ... Read More

  • Is Your Arthritis Being a Pain?

    As we get older, arthritis becomes a more prevalent and bothersome part of life, as some of you have already discovered. Arthritis is basically just wear and tear of your joints. But that does not mean that you have to settle for a drastically different quality of life! Let’s learn more about arthritis and what ... Read More

  • Heart-Healthy Pancake Recipe

    HAPPY HEART HEALTH MONTH!! In this month’s newsletter, we discussed the real risks of heart failure and the importance of healthy living for heart disease prevention. Exercise, low cholesterol levels, regular screenings, cessation of smoking/tobacco use–these are all important steps to maintaining a healthy heart. But did you realize that eating healthily is very important ... Read More

  • How to Get the Most out of Therapy

    Happy 2018 everyone! As we start the new year here at Galloway Therapy, we would like to share some tips with you on how to maximize your time here during your appointments. Keep on reading to learn how you can get the most out of each and every session. 5 Tips on How to Get ... Read More

  • What a Pain in the Gut!

    Today, we want to tackle the (sometimes) dreaded topic of nutrition and how it affects chronic pain. Most of us are aware that our diet can directly affect our health and how we feel on a daily basis. However, our diet can also have a long-term effect on our health. A well balanced diet not ... Read More

  • Spinal Cord Injury Therapy

    According to the University of Alabama National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, more than 270,000 Americans are living with spinal cord injury (SCI) and each year 12,000 new injuries occur. This type of injury is known to cause paralysis in the arms and legs, limiting some physiological functions such as movement, bladder and bowel control, and ... Read More

  • The Opioid Epidemic

    On Friday August 11, 2017 President Donald Trump declared the opioid crisis a national emergency. According to a CNN article, Trump said, “The opioid crisis is an emergency, and I am saying, officially, right now, it is an emergency. It’s a national emergency,” Trump said earlier at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. “We’re ... Read More